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The 6 Week Double Your Confidence Challenge


Discover how to 'reprogram your mind' and fix your relationship with yourself to develop the kind of confidence that draws admiration from women, respect from men and envy from your rivals, so you can kick ass every minute of your day and nobody can intimidate you!

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Hey fellow 'confidence seeker',

my name is Stephan Erdman.  I help single guys transform into guys who can confidently meet and attract women, even if they've always been shy, quiet or introverted...and I've been doing it for the last 6 years with 1000's of guys.

This program is my flagship confidence program that's changed many guys lives in ways they didn't even dream of. If you want to find out more about me just google me. And then do the 7 day free test drive of the program and see for yourself what all the fuss is about!

Here's what we're doing in the program and the essential info you need to know to go ahead and try this out:

What's in the program:

Week #1 Your Relationship With Yourself

Learn to relate to yourself like a confident guy, break negative habits of thinking, embed new positive mental habits to get more confident from the inside.

Week #2 Self Image/Future Expectations

 If you're currently not as confident as you want to be then it's likely you have a negative self image and you often expect negative outcomes. In week 2 you'll learn how to create positive expectations of events and how to lock in a positive self image.

Week #3 Taking Action With Confidence

No confidence without action - no action without confidence. You will learn how to "override" inner blocks and faulty strategies and become a man with a serious "action habit" that makes you more confident!

Week #4 Relating With Confidence

"Use" other people to explode your self confidence and feeling of ease around anyone... so that being around people actually makes you more confident rather than shy.

Week #5 Handling Challenging Situations/People

In week 5 you'll learn exactly how to deal with setbacks and especially challenging situations or people so you can maintain your composure even in the presence of people that want to derail you!

Week #6 Confidence At The Touch Of A Button

You'll discover how to be in your best confident state "at the touch of a button" whenever you really need it. You will embed the state of confidence deeply in yourself so you can "recall" it within seconds!

How "The Challenge" Changes Your Life

Here's a break-down of the process you'll go through:

  • Challenge Your Thinking: Weekly Video Coaching Session to Challenge Your Thinking Patterns In 1 Of 6 Crucial Confidence Building Areas
  • Easy To Implement: Transformative Mindset Method Of The Week To Practice In Your Every Day Life
  • Fast Progress: Challenge Of The Week To Accelerate Your Development And Move Forward Faster Than Ever!
  • No Risk: Free Week 1 No Risk "Test Drive" - Just Sign Up For Free - Don't Get Charged Anything Until Week 2
  • Incredible Value: Low Weekly Fee Of $27.99 For 5 Weeks - Charges Stop Automatically After 5 Weeks
  • Special Bonus 1 Live Training: 7 Mistakes Shy Men Make Around Women - And How To Overcome Them (Week 1)!
  • Special Bonus 2: Meeting Girls Preplay Track - Powerful Visualisation Track To Help You Develop A Positive Self Image With Women (Week 2)
  • Again...MASSIVE VALUE: What I teach you in week 6 alone cost me £1400.00 in coaching fees.

"Have to say Stephan you truly are something of a genius though, with your gift of incredible awareness and seeing the underlying factors for problems, the "liking mindset" for example has to be one of the most revolutionary pieces of information ever developed. It's almost like being reprogrammed completely as a person and awareness, even intelligence for people and situations are increased the more it is used. Sorry for the long rant but wow your stuff is powerful!"

Max Chicago US

More Feedback From Customers:

Things are going great for me. I wouldn't say everything is perfect but BOY IT'S MAKING A DIFFERENCE.

Every time I am not feeling up to it even just the mindset method from week 1 gets my spirits high!


SC California / United States

I've tried many program because I am a REALLY SHY GUY. But only now I recognise big changes. Now I rarely have bad moments in a day. Before the program I was hating most girls I was not able to talk to and every man was a "douchebag" to me. Now I am much smoother than I was before and I actually like people and feel great around women. Would I recommend the program? Yes of course. Dive in, It works!

Martin Montreal Canada

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